How does it feel to be part of the Connect Distribution Group of companies?
Connect Distribution is all about providing efficient distribution solutions to their customers through greater diversity, more development, better training and valuable experience. It's all about investing our combined experience into the future, enabling us to achieve business goals. Should you join the team you can be assured that you are playing an essential part in the constant development and improvement in this forward thinking family run business.
Why not get interested in Distribution? A very diverse trade or industry, which is necessary for all products at some period in their existence. Import, shipping, transport, purchase, stock control, storage, warehouse personnel, packaging, maintenance, security, all time stocking, information technology, web based service facilities, service training, web site production, cataloguing, photography, marketing, contact centres, personnel, accounting etc.
At Connect Distribution Services Ltd we cover all aspects, giving manufacturers both product and aftersales solutions for endless product types while adhering to our BSI Standards procedures. In today's world products are manufactured in many countries far and wide, such as China, India, Malaya, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Spain and now the Eastern block countries as well as in the UK. Many manufacturers use agents and large retailers to market their products leaving warranty, aftersales service and spares supply to experienced distributors like us.
The big job starts when a new make or model is added to our portfolio. This means cataloguing each product and the spare parts necessary to offer complete satisfaction to the customer, setting in lead times which are sometimes as long as six months. Teams of specialised buyers are needed to keep our stock of over a million lines, available next day throughout the UK.
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